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Creating a Healthy Balance in our Living Envirnoment

We live in a dynamic changing world that challenges us on a daily basis. We are constantly multi-tasking many things at one time. We are bombarded with wireless signals from our Smartphone’s, routers, tablets, laptops & cell towers. Electric energy pulses in every building we are in. Solar flares from the Sun are increasing & bombarding us with more invisible radiation. 


So with all the challenges of daily life, how do we find harmony in our life? So many people are waking up to the fact that they feel out of balance. 


Creating Harmonic spaces is about finding the spaces that are out of alignment in our living environment & adjusting them so they are resonating in harmony & balance.


This environment can be found in our internal bodies and its surrounding energetic fields. It can also be found in our living environment. The spaces we live & work in (the building) & the spaces in-between.


Our body contains energetic pathways called the meridian system in Chinese medicine. There are also 3 primary centers for energy storage referred to as the lower, middle and upper Dantians. Using both medical QiGong sessions & QiGong exercises we can balance & harmonize our body by purging, tonifying and regulating these centers and systems.


When we think of living environment we have the building we reside in, the earth below and all outside man-man fixtures. We have to balance and harmonize this environment as well.

Welcome to Harmonic Spaces.
Available Services:
  • Medical QiGong

  • QiGong Exercises

  • Harmonic Space Clearing

  • Feng Shui

  • Healthy Home consultation

  • Clearing Emotional Blocks

  • Vibrational Testing of Supplements

  • Acutonics Tuning Fork session

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