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10 Ideas to Help create Harmony in Your Living Space

By: Gary Hoffman, Harmonic Spaces  


1. Remove/Distance yourself from electro-magnetic energy in the bedroom. 

Is the clock radio with 4 to 5 feet of your head? Do you have an electrical surge strip with electrical transformers from electronic devices plugged into the wall next to your bed? Unplug or move them to the other side of the room. Move audio & TV’s to the other side of the room. High magnetic electrical fields can affect the human body’s energy pattern adversely.


2. Turn off your cell phone/wireless routers at night.  

Leaving the cell phone on allows the cell signal to send out electromagnetic radiation while you are sleeping. Sitting it on the table next to your bed or using it as an alarm clock allows you to receive the radiation while you sleep. The same is true for your wireless router if your bedroom is in range of the signal that pulses from it. It can be going through your brain.


3. Get the 5.8 gigahertz phone out of the bedroom. 

These cordless phones create electromagnetic radiation that is as dangerous as a cell phone. Many models create a constant connection between the base station & the phone that pulses the signal while you sleep.


4. Test your bed for geopathic stress and move it if necessary.  

Geopathic stress refers to radiation that comes from the earth through a grid of invisible zones of energy. This also includes underground water streams and fault lines. If these grids are crossing your bed then you need someone who can harmonize or re-direct their energy flow or move your bed to geopathic free area.


5. Test your home of mold/mildew/radon & buy an air purifier/or use essential oils. 

Black mold has become a major issue in many homes due to moisture buildup in the walls. Tests are available to check the mold levels in your home to see if a problem might exist. Using a Hepa/UV type of air purifier will help. Also air-diffusing essential oils will help to purify the air. Mold remediation specialists are available if a major problem exists. Radon can be reduced with good air flow in the basement/crawl space.


6. Get the toxic cleaning supplies out of the kitchen & garage & replace them with natural cleaners. 

What are you using to clean your house? Check the labels on your cleaning supplies or go to the web site of the manufacturer to find out the MSDS information on the ingredients. You can make your own natural cleaners that are safe and cost less.


7. Use an Ethernet plug into your computer/laptop, remove wireless. 

Back to the wireless issue for this. Buy an old type Ethernet switch and plug it into the computer and electronic devices instead of using a wireless router that sends the energy through your body.


8. De-clutter your living space of old stuff.  

Old furniture, pictures, bedding, boxes of old things. Negative energy collects in these things. Does it serve your life anymore?


9. Create a Sacred Altar space in your home or outside in the yard.  

Create a sacred spiritual space where you can connect with the Divine that reflects your faith.


10. Pray everyday & ask that your living space is protected. 

Pray/meditate with the Divine, your Angels and spiritual guidance. Ask that your living space be protected from unwanted thoughts and energies.


Copyright: Gary Hoffman/Harmonic Spaces


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