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Gary D Hoffman

MQT (Medical QiGong Therapist)


Harmonic Spaces is owned by Gary Hoffman. 


Gary's background of study includes:


Medical QiGong Therapist –Certified by the International Institute of Medical QiGong. 4 years of study. Certified Medical QiGong Practitioner. Preparing for study & certification in Master of Medical QiGong.


Completing study for Building Biology Environmental Consultant. The study of natural living spaces using natural building materials, non-toxic supplies, low-impact electro-magnetic footprint.


Dowser – Geomancy Study with Slim Spurling, Geobiology Research Associates, 1999.


•Feng Shui Consulting through the Feng Shui Research Center & Feng Shui Designs. Utilizing classical Feng Shui consulting.


•Art of the Master Builders with Dominique Susanni. Study of natural geometry for harmonizng living spaces, labyrinths, stone circles, sacred spaces.


Acutonics Tuning Forks Training Level 1 & 2


Reiki Master Level 1, 2 & 3


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