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Geopathic Stress (Earth Radiation)


Why is Geopathic Stress harmful?


Sleeping in geopathic zones can lower your immune system so that the body cannot repair itself while you are in the zones. This is most apparent while your sleep.


Signs of Geopathic stress include: Headaches, low energy, depression, nervousness, allergies, insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, tingling in arms and legs, grinding teeth.


Refterences of health related studies of Geopathic Stress:


Studies of the effects of GS:

  • Kate Bachler in Austria researched the connections between geopathic zones of disturbances and the academic failure in school children. When their desk at home is affected by a stress zone they were incapable of doing homework there. If it's at their school desk they will hate going to school, and may get stomach aches, fainting and vomiting, and will often be staring out the window.

  • Bachler found that 95% of failed examinations were due to the presence of zones of disturbance.

  • After beds in geopathic stress zones are moved children often have an instant improvement in sleep and appetite and have increased health and wellbeing, better attention spans and interest in learning, improved thinking and memory and ultimately improved school performance generally, she finds.

  • Reference: EARTH RADIATION ­ The Startling Discoveries of a Dowser. Results of research on more than 3000 apartments, houses and work places.By Kathe Bachler


Otto Bergmann. Austria (1987-89). In a two year trial which included over 462,000 measurements and 6,942 tests, Bergmann found Geopathic Stress effects on blood sedimentation, blood pressure, blood circulation, heat beat, breathing, skin resistance, and electrical conductivity of muscle points.

Kathe Bacheler. Austria (1989). In a survey that included 3,000 apartments and over 11,000 people, Bacheler discovered 100% correlations between geostress and 500 cases of cancer she studied. She also found 95% correlation with problem children (ADD/ADHD and other behavioral issues).

Pallegard. Denmark (1990). In a much publicized study, Pallegard correlated geostress in 14 out of 18 crib deaths.

Roger Rose. England (1990s). In a sample of 50 patients with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ("chronic fatigue syndrome"), Rose found 100 % correlation to geostress.

Christopher McNaney. England (1990s). In a sample of 175 nomadic gypsy families, he found only 1% cancer and 0% heart disease.

Robert Endrost & Klotz Biberach. Germany (1990s). In a study performed by architectural students surveying homes, Endrost & Biberach found 383 cases of geostress in a sample of 400 cancer patients.

Sleeping in geopathic grids.


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