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Melody Graves of Eco-Dynamic Living Solutions Interviews Gary Hoffman on Geopathic Stress:


I have experienced the benefits of Earthing naturally by going barefoot in my back yard. For people with health conditions or in climates where this is not always feasible, the Earthing grounding pad system is a wonderful tool to help people receive benefits from earthing indoors.

The system uses a metal ground rod (Earthing probe) placed in the earth outside a person’s home. Certain cautions, however, apply when using an Earthing pad connected to the probe, because the quality of the earth’s subtle energies tends to come through the Earthing probe and into the body. This is why I’ve asked master dowser, Feng Shui consultant, and medical QiGong practitioner Gary Hoffman of Harmonic Spaces in Nashville, Tennessee to teach us how to choose the optimal spot for our ground rod.


  • Could you give us a brief definition, in layman’s terms, about what geopathic stress is?


Geopathic stress is used to describe types of radiations that come from around and within the earth itself. These types of radiations come from natural sources and man-made sources.

The earth itself creates vibrational frequencies from the friction of tectonic plates, natural ores from minerals and molten materials within its core.

The gravitational field around the planet pulls in gamma rays, solar winds and other cosmic rays of radiation.

The primary sources of man-made radiation are created by the electrical grid and cellular phone towers.

All of this energy feeds a group of invisible grids that interface the planet known primarily as the Hartmann and Curry grids, along with underground water streams and fault lines.

The frequencies that your body comes in contact with from this phenomenon are not in harmony with the natural electrical patterns of the human body.  This is why this energy termed “Geopathic Stress” can affect a person in a detrimental way.





  • Based on your experience as a holistic health practitioner, in what ways can it affect a person’s health?


I would not say that geopathic stress creates any disease but it can elevate existing conditions in the body that give rise to the possibility of disease, or inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the primary cause of many detrimental conditions in the body that spark disease.

A person may experience headaches, insomnia, restlessness in the arms and legs, depression, muscle aches & pains, joint discomfort, etc. Sleeping in these geopathic zones can in the long term lead to more acute conditions. 

Studies done in Europe over the past 70 years show definite patterns of cancers and other diseases.




  • What are some simple ways a person without any training in dowsing could look for an optimal spot for their ground rod? Are there any typical signs or symptoms of a stressed zone that we should avoid?


Ants have a tendency to build their homes on geopathic grids. Some animals like cats seem to like sleeping on them. Trees that have large knots of growth on their trunks and limbs or are leaning are usually indications of underground water veins or fault lines.


So try to pick a place away from where ants like to build their mounds, and where your cat likes to sun himself. Also, stay away from knotty trees that lean in unnatural or awkward directions.




  • Should we experiment with different grounding places in our Earthing probe, and what kind of physical sensations could we experience if the probe is placed in a “good” location versus a “bad” location?


Making sure you are not in a grid crossing, underground water vein or fault line can be tricky if you are not a dowser.  Stand over the spot for the ground rod. If you feel any irritation in your body come up from your feet or a spinning effect or a moving feeling of water under you, do not place the ground there.  Place it where you have a good solid feeling.




  • Any other words of wisdom you’d like to share about what you do as it relates to the importance of connecting with the earth?


We have been cutoff from the natural grounding of the earth by wearing synthetic shoes. We never walk around barefooted. We never reach down and touch the earth unless maybe we are planting a garden.  The first thing that Native Americans do each morning is to take off their shoes, make an offering to Mother Earth with tobacco (or herbs) and pray. This is our first step to re-create our Earthing connection from a spiritual perspective. 

From a healthy point of view, Earthing dramatically reduces inflammation in the body which is the primary culprit for disease.  Earthing allows our bodies to repair while we sleep so we can begin to heal.  As a distributor for the Earthing products, I have noticed a big reduction in the inflammation in my back and shoulders.

I would also say that harmonizing and balancing the geopathic stress zones around your living space is very important.  I also do remote dowsing using maps to check for geopathic zones and determine what steps need to be taken to bring harmonic balance to a person’s living space.  The health of our family & especially our children should be our main concern by creating a living space that supports our health & happiness.



There you have it, folks, and an expert lesson on choosing the best place for your Earthing probe. Now go out and get grounded!


Here is Gary Hoffman’s contact info for you to place somewhere in case they want to contact him.





Interview by: Melody Graves, EcoDynamic Living Solutions





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