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Medical QiGong: "Qi" or "Chi" is the Energy of Life. "Gong" is a practice. QiGong is a practice of culivating the energy that creates life.

Medical QiGong is one of the 4 branches of traditional Chinese medicine. Defined protocols are used by the QiGong therapist to purge, tonify and regulate "Qi" (energy also pronounced "Chi") through the body & surrounding energy fields. The purging, tonifying and regulating of the energy is performed by moving the energy though the meridian system (energy pathways) in the body. Each meridian is attached to an internal organ in the body.  Excess or stagnant energy is removed and vibrant, life enhancing energy is placed back into the internal organs of the body. This effect help improve clarity, focus, energy and the overall health of an individual.


Each organ within the body flows with Yin & Yang energies. The medical QiGong session focuses on the 5 Yin Organs: Lungs, Liver, Heart, Spleen & Kidneys. They contain a person's original essence of: Honesty, Compassion, Order, Trust & Wisdom. 


As we experience life from childhood to adult, memory & traumatic events are stored within the tissues of the organs. The emotions of sadness, grief, anger, depression, shock, worry and fear affects these internal organs and creates toxic emotional energy.


The focus of a medical Qigong session is to purge, tonify and regulate these toxic emotions and return the organs to their original Spirit (Yuan Shen) or essence.


Additional focus is placed on each client’s particular needs and physical condition. Established Medical QiGong protocols are utilized for specific diseases as well. The client may also receive exercises based on breathing techniques, physical movements and meditation to be used between treatments. 


What to expect in a medical QiGong session:

Medical QiGong is a very gentle set of techniques based on Chinese medicine. The client usually lies on a massage table, face up wearing comfortable clothing. The meridian system of energy pathways through the body are access via the acupuncture points. Pressure with the fingers & hands is used to open the access to each meridian channel. Qi or energy is guided with the QiGong practitioner's hand in or out of the body.


Medical QiGong client exercises:

Exercises are given to the client based on the QiGong practitioner's diagnosis during the session. Hand, breath, sound and visualization is used with exercises to purge Qi, regulate the flow of the Qi and tonify or increase the level of Qi(energy) that is available to the client.


12 Primary Meridians

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