Medical QiGong Sessions

Medical QiGong utilizes the movement of Qi (energy) to purge, tonify and regulate the person's organs and energy fields that provides a gentle healing technique to improve the overall health of the person. 

Additional focus is placed on each person's particular needs and physical condition. Established Medical QiGong protocols are utilized for specific diseases as well. The person may also receive an additonal set of exercises based on breathing techniques, physical movements and meditation to be used between treatments. 


QiGong Exercise Classes

QiGong exercises provide a way for a person to maintain a better level of health. Each person is instructed in a group setting on the movement of each exercise. A group of exercises are performed in a precribed sequence. The first group is designed to purge stagent/toxic energy from the body and the internal organs. The second set is designed to tonify and reguate the Qi (energy) within the body. Meditations are sometimes included at the end of each exercise session to calm, ground and center the person.

Group and individual instruction are available.



Body Code/Emotional Code Sessions

The Body Code and Emotional Code systems were created by Dr. Brad Nelson.  The Body Code is a map of all imbalances fround in the body. Through muscle testing, areas are indenified that need addressing to bring the body back into balance. Many times there are emotional blocks within a person that can cause these imbalances. This system uses a method to quickly remove the emotional charge that causes the block. Other methods of balancing the body are addressed with applied solutions to bring the body back into balance. 


Custom Vibrational Testing of Supplements/Food

Using the 12 bands of the Vibrational Spectrum, testing a person for any substance or compatibility to any type of material for their vibrational resonance is possible. The Vibrational Spectrum applies to LIVING BEINGS and all the subtle energies which affect their life, health, and states of consciousness.

French researchers developed tools to be able to test and identify the complete Vibrational Spectrum, the most famous of these being the “Universal Pendulum”. Today the design of these tools has been greatly improved through the work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt has designed a Pendulum set which can easily detect each individual component in the Vibrational Spectrum, and differentiate between the radiations within each band which are beneficial and those which are harmful.

Using this type of testing, all foods and supplements being taken by a person can determine if they are beneficial or harmful for that person. Testing services are available both on-site and remotely.


Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui is about bringing harmony into your living space. Good health, happy relationships, prosperity and joy is what we seek within our homes & our lives. If our home is happy, then it reflects in our outer life.

Traditional Feng Shui is based on the concept of time & space.  When was your home constructed and how does it set geographically on the land? These are the primary questions that need to be answered so that a chart reflecting the energy patterns can be created. Using the chart shows how the energy enters the home through the 8 sectors of the bagua.

Using the traditional system called Flying Stars; you can see how the energy or “stars” enters the home. There are 3 primary stars, plus annual and monthly stars. The first star (or energy) is called the Mountain star & it reflects health & relationships. The second is the Water star & it reflects prosperity & career. The third star is the Time star and it reflects the energy that was present when the house was created, based on a 20 year period of the Chinese calendar. The next star is the annual visiting star that carries energy of the current year period. The mountain and water stars have the largest impact on people in each sector. If these two stars are in balance then only supporting energies are needed. If the two stars are not in balance then adjustments or cures should be placed in the sector to help create balance.

The cures & remedies come in form of the 5 elements, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood & Fire.


Space Clearing Services

Space clearing has developed over the years into more than using sage and prayer. It now includes clearing & balancing Geopathic earth energies plus removing non-physical energies from the living space.


The first step is to determine the overall energy level and what imbalances exist in & around the living space. Dowsing is used to detect geopathic grids to determine the extent of Hartmann lines, curry lines, underground water streams, fault lines, benker lines, black streams, vortexes, etc.


Once this is complete clearing of detrimental energies found, utilizing both spiritual intelligence and esoteric practices. This process uses Slim Spurling’s advanced Harmonizer technology based on sacred geometry and sacred sound. Also Geo-resonators are placed in the ground to help balance the Geopathic grids.


Clearing of negative energies found inside the structure of the living space is completed using ceremony, sage, sacred sounds. Then a final clearing of the static energies found inside utilizing advanced technology of the Eco laser to remove old static energy patterns found in the walls, materials, paints, furniture.




"My house was 'alive' with activity...TV turning on in the middle of the night, chandelier and other items moving, trouble with electronics, doors shutting, blinking light bulbs, the feeling of being watched.  It got to the point that friends no longer wanted to stay overnight.  A friend then referred me to Gary Hoffman.  He came to the house and after spending several hours working with me and the house, he changed the entire energy of the house.  I no longer have any intention to move away.  Thank you Gary for NOT making me feel insane and for fixing a problem I never believed could actually exist."


- T, Nashville


I took the Medical Qigong workshop in the Spring 2013 to learn exercises to practice at home on my own.  The class covered exercises for yin and yang organs. Gary demonstrated each exercise first and then the class participated as well.  Students were able to ask questions throughout the class which helped us understand the connection between the movements and how each movement related to which organ.  After six months of practicing at home now, I definitely feel calmer overall and am interested in learning more qigong movements.  Qigong is intriguing, easy to learn, and seems to be a gateway to deeper learning and insight about oneself and in relationship to the universe.  Definitely worth it!


Renee -- Nashville TN

Personal Remote Clearing Session

This method of remote testing is done through dowsing a picture (of the client) to determine what energies that are affecting them. Their picture serves as a witness of their energy imprint. Testing for energetic disturbances that attach to the person based on past history. Ghosts, entities, demons, curses can create feelings of heaviness, irritability, nervousness, etc. and sometimes can make a person feel extremely uncomfortable due to these negative energetic fields. Once the testing is complete remote commands and energetic release commands are applied to break up and release the negative energy and/or reprogram the energy into a positive energy field that is beneficial. 


Acutonics Tuning Forks Session

Acutonics is an integrated approach to health care that is based on sound vibration. The powerful sounds of the Universe are accessed through the use of precision calibrated planetary tuning forks, chimes and gongs to help you achieve optimal health.


Healthy Home Analysis 

Electro-magnetic energy disturbances in our living space can be created by electrical wiring problems, high magnetic fields from electrical devices and Cell phone/tower radiation.  This energy can elevate health issues, sleeping, joint & muscle pain, etc.


Sacred Space Design

Sacred space is created using sacred geometry that takes measurements of how the Sun directs it’s energy upon the Earth surface. These measurements use the Summer and Winter solstices alignments to determine the proper lengths.

From here a sacred center is created using these measurements that is reflected in the radius of the circles. Labyrinths, ancient stone circles and medicine wheels utilize these sacred measurements.

Gary creates Labyrinth and medicine wheel design using his training in the “Art of the Master Builders”.