2016 Year of the Yang Fire Metal Monkey

This Chinese New Year brings us the Yang Fire Metal Monkey. In the Chinese Hsia calendar, Yang Fire sets on the Metal Monkey. Metal in the Chinese 5 element cycle represents persistence, strength, determination, wisdom & strong will. Metal rules the lungs & large intestines Metal people can be overcome by grief or lead with great courage. Metal is also associated with the West and the setting sun. In 5 element theory, fire melts metals so there is a conflict with Metal and Fire meaning this year could bring some conflict but since it is in the setting sun position the conflicts should be resolved without great danger.

Yang Fire is the Sun & energy. It directly affects the heart and blood circulation and the shoulders. Problems may arise with heart, blood, inflammation and shoulder pain this year. Also since Metal rules the lungs, problems with breathing, respiratory and flu’s can arise. Focus on strengthening the Heart, blood, shoulders & Lungs. QiGong or Tai Chi exercises that focus on these areas is wise along with herbal supplements to support them.

Are you a Monkey person? Wearing a Snake pendant may help to balance your energy. Tiger and Monkey people are in clash with the Fire element so they should be careful with anything related to fire. Earth element weakens the fire so get grounded in the earth. Work in the soil. Water puts out Fire. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

Feng Shui for 2016 requires some adjustments to overcome any possible negative energy that may be present. The 2 Star is in the Center of home, business & also in the year. The 2 star represents sickness. Hanging a string of 6 metal Chinese coins in the center of the home or business will help. Also placing something that represents healing like a gourd filled with herbs that support the heart and lungs. The 5 star of misfortune & obstacles shows up in the Northeast area so place a 6 rod metal wind chime there or some type of moving metal object (clock). The 3 star of conflict/robbery is in the Northwest. Place a red paper or red object there. The 7 star of scandals shows up in the North. Place a 3 piece bamboo with water in a clear vase in that area.

The influence of Jupiter (the Grand Duke) is present in the Southwest. Put off doing any construction in this area for 2016 and do not sit with your back to the Southwest.

The positive energies show the 8 star of abundance in the Southwest sector. Water feature is good here if there are no other negative energies present. Place a laughing Buddha with gold coins here. The 4 star of romance & academics is in the West sector. Fresh flowers in a vase of water can be placed here and something related to your studies like books.

Remember that a positive attitude and positive expectations can be the most powerful energies that you can bring to this year of the Yang Fire Metal Monkey.

(Reference: Raymond Lo, Year of the Yang Metal Monkey, The Feng Shui Store, 2016 cures.)


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