2017 Year of the Yin Fire Rooster

The Year of the Rooster, 2017, is symbolized by two elements – with Yin fire sitting on top of metal. In the Chinese five element system, fire and metal are in conflict: Fire melts Metal or fire conquers Metal which creates a conflicting relationship. Yin Fire symbolizes a candle flame which is flickering and unstable and its temper will accumulate and eventually explode. As fire and metal are in conflicting relationship, there could be international conflicts and clashes. In general the Yin Fire Rooster year is a symbol for optimism, innovation and progress with people coming together to find solutions to conflict.

The Rooster is a very strong yin metal element related to beautiful jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. This makes the Rooster very charming and beautiful on the outside but somewhat cold and hard on the inside. The Rooster also has a quality of romance, beauty, happiness, hard work and they like to entertain people.

This year brings forth the Star energies of the Nobleman and Academics. Look for new scientific developments to develop. The Nobleman star helps a person’s life to become smooth with much support from others. The Academic star is a symbol of intelligence, knowledge and study. This combination of energies only appears twice in the Chinese 60 year cycle. It looks like a good year to take on a new study. It should also be noted that children born this year will have these two stars to support them though their life.

In Chinese medicine yin fire represents heart and blood circulation, plus the brain, nervous system and the eyes. So there will be possibility of sickness with the heart, blood, inflammation, brain and nerve problems like hypertension and stroke. With yin fire opposing the metal element be careful with the lungs, and the skin. Watch out for flu’s and respiratory illnesses. Take supplements for the Heart and Lungs like, anti-oxidants, vitamin C, omega 3, CoQ10, oregano oil. Add beets, celery, cucumbers and asparagus to your smoothie’s.

Are you a Rooster person? It may not be a good year for romance as you may attract disharmony in relationships and marriage. Watch out for health related problems with the heart, blood, lungs, and nerves. Also Rooster people are opposing the year of 2017 which intensifies possible problems.

The Chinese animal sign that is in direct conflict with the Rooster is the Rabbit. This can bring about moving home or changing job, traffic accidents, injury by knives, injury to bones and back. Rooster and Rabbit people should carry a pendant of the Dragon for protection. If you are a Tiger or Rooster person, do not travel towards the West. Signs that should have a favorable year are Monkey, Rat and Dragon.

The Feng Shui energies for 2017 are about to change with the New Year. Its best to relocate your Feng Shui cures to balance positive and negative emerges affecting your living space. The Yellow 5 star which symbolizes obstacles and misfortune moves to the South sector so hang a metal wind chime here. Also add a salt water cure to remove negative energy in the area. The 2 star of sickness moves to the Northwest sector so place a string of 6 metal Chinese coins there. Also add a salt water cure to remove negative energy in the area. The placement of Jupiter (known as the Grand Duke) is in the West sector. Do not do construction in this area. The “Three Killings” energy is in the East so do not sit with your back to this direction.

The 3 star of robbery and conflict is present in the West sector. Use red decorative objects such as candles, lamps and lights. A nice simple cure to use in the west in 2017 is a red floor mat or a table lamp with a red shade. The 7 star of scandals shows up in the southwest sector. Place some Blue color here or picture of blue water. The One star moves to the center of the living space. Use elements reflecting blue and black. but do not place a live water feature there. Water placement requires in depth analysis to place it correctly.

The prosperity star 8 arrives in the East sector; support it with Earth elements (yellow, gold, crystals, ceramic pottery, etc. The 9 star of future prosperity arrives in the southeast. Place green plants here or 9 shoots of bamboo.

By placing these cures correctly you will help enhance the positive flow of your living space that allows you to have more success, prosperity and peace in your life.


Raymond Lo: Year of the Rooster.

Feng Shui Store: http://www.fengshuistore.co.uk/

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