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Space Clearing:

Space clearing has developed over the years into more than, using sage and prayer. It now includes clearing balancing geoppathic earth energies plus removing non-physical energies from the living space.

Onsite consultation to determine energy level and imbalances of the property.

Onsite dowsing of Geopathic grids to determine Hartmann lines, curry lines, underground water streams, fault lines, benker lines, black streams, vortexes, etc.


Harmonic space clearing involves re-directing, removing and balancing detrimental energies in our living space. 

Detrimental energies that affect our living space include:


Geopathic Stress:


•Electro-magnetic energy:




•Toxic chemicals, off-gassing of flumes:


•Non-physical energy/static thought forms:

Utilizing Slim Spurling's Harmonizer & Light Life rings to clear detremental energies from the land.

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